Sometimes we reach a point in our lives when we realise there just has to be a better way.

The Integrative Lifestyle Approach

What is The Integrative Lifestyle Approach?

The Integrative Lifestyle Approach I use here at Breakfree Nutrition (sometimes also called a Lifestyle Medicine approach) is one that aims to identify and address ALL the controllable factors contributing to your struggles with food, body and weight - including:

  • lifestyle and behavioural factors (your daily habits and routines);
  • biological and metabolic factors (the stuff going on with your hormones and in your cells);
  • psychological and motivational factors (the stuff going on in your head);
  • environmental factors (the stuff going on all around you).

This approach is a unique blend of nutritional science, eating psychology, lifestyle medicine and health coaching; and is designed to help you finally overcome your biggest and scariest challenges with food and body... so you can become the best and healthiest version of yourself.


Your eating, moving, sleeping and self-care habits


Any mindsets, thoughts, emotions and coping styles keeping you stuck


Any biological and hormonal factors impacting your metabolism


Everything going on around you that impacts your choices and habits

How Does it Work?

Let's be honest. If you're gaining weight or struggling with food, then these things are happening for a reason. And we need to identify what these reasons are and address them head on so you can make progress and achieve lasting results.

Is it...

  • a hormonal imbalance?
  • a nutritional deficiency?
  • a digestive problem?
  • a sleeping issue?
  • metabolic inflammation?
  • dysregulated hunger or fullness signals?
  • unresolved stress?
  • a disordered relationship with food?
  • a poorly managed health condition?
  • a difficult life circumstance?
  • unmet emotional needs?
  • feeling overwhelmed and overloaded?
  • a lack of self-care?
  • or are there some unhelpful thinking patterns and mindsets tripping you up?

Traditional approaches like dieting, slashing carbs or fats, counting calories, meal plans, detoxes, juice cleanses, supplements and gym memberships will never help you identify, let alone address, the underlying causes. These are all just band-aid fixes that distract you from doing the REAL work.

Well, my approach is very different. VERY different. I'll personally guide you through a step-by-step process to:

  • change your biology (your hormone balance, metabolic regulation, taste preferences, digestion etc.);
  • change your habits (how you eat, move, sleep, plan, respond to stress, deal with cravings and take care of yourself);
  • change your environment (take back your power in challenging surroundings, circumstances and relationships);
  • change your psychology (your unhelpful self-talk, perspectives, mindsets, expectations and self-beliefs).

When you work with me to change these things then an improved body composition (i.e. less fat) and a healthier relationship with food will follow. It HAS to.

Welcome to the Integrative Lifestyle Approach... and food and weight freedom.

Discover the 4 Key Strategies Critical for Getting Back In Charge of Your Eating and Your Weight

How is it Different?

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Target ALL the Underlying Causes

My guess is your life is busy, complicated, messy...and unique.

Which is why, when it comes to sorting out your eating and lifestyle habits, it needs a customised solution. And not some generic meal plan or exercise program that is rolled out to thousands of others.

The Integrative Lifestyle Approach recognises that the true reasons you overeat and have an unhealthy relationship with food; the truth behind why you struggle to change your habits; and the real causes for why you can't lose weight and keep it off are far more complex and personal.

You see, the Integrative Lifestyle Approach focuses on 4 Key Success Strategies.

These four underlying principles are what separates this approach from all other approaches and they underpin the entire framework I take all my clients through here at Breakfree Nutrition.

But more than that, these four core foundational strategies explain precisely why my clients can finally...

  • step off the diet roller coaster once and for all;
  • get back in charge of their eating and their weight; and
  • get on with the rest of their lives completely free of all the struggling, guilt, shame, and self-blame that has crippled them for years.

If you're interested in discovering exactly what these 4 Key Success Strategies are, you can get them here.

In the end, the solution has little to do with slashing calories, eating the "perfect" balanced diet, joining a gym, or drumming up more willpower.

Lasting success is more about building a number of strategic habits and learning some key foundational skills that will enable you to...

  • optimize your biology;
  • understand your psychology;
  • manage your energy;
  • take charge of your environment; and
  • heal your relationship with food.

Of course, this approach is far more involved. Way more personal. And it certainly takes more time and effort.

Which is why most people won't do it and why nearly all programs don't offer it.

But it's also exactly why most people struggling with their eating and weight will never achieve lasting success.

If you're ready to "think different, do different, and be different" than most other people and become one of the 10% of people who are successful, then get in touch.

Realistic & Sustainable Solutions

When I talk about finding realistic and sustainable solutions for your struggles with food and weight, here's what I mean...

I'm NOT the guy who'll sell you a diet plan, meal supplements, or some 21-day detox.

I'm NOT the guy who'll sell you a magical new fat-busting remedy recently discovered from some rare plant species found only in the Amazonian rain forest.

And I'm NOT the guy who'll sell you a workout program or some new shiny piece of exercise equipment that promises great abs.

You see, I'm the guy who will offer you a genuine, authentic and deeply personal process for optimising your metabolism, changing your habits and healing your relationship with food.

I'm the guy who will focus your energy on where it will be best utilised, and will get you to stop wasting your time on stuff that doesn’t work.

I'm the guy who will help you make sense of all the conflicting advice around nutrition and weight loss and discover a way forward that's right for you.

I'm the guy who will help you do the real work to tackle the bigger issues that are standing in your way.

I'm the guy who'll show you how to overcome the underlying challenges like a lack of confidence and self-belief, fear of failure, poor motivation, negative thinking, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and over-committed, and feeling like you lack the time, energy, and willpower to make real and sustained progress.

I'm the guy who will ask the tough questions and then listen, really listen, to what's going on. Because it's the answers to these questions that hold the key to creating something truly extraordinary for yourself well beyond what you ever imagined.

I'm the guy who will help you see things differently and create the perspective and mindset shifts needed for lasting success.

I'm the guy who will get you to see past your old patterns and habits that are no longer serving you, so that you can discover a new way that wouldn’t have been possible on your own.

I'm the guy who'll work with you one-on-one; who will support, encourage and motivate you; and keep you accountable, consistent, and on-track.

But more than that, I'm the guy who will show you exactly how to do all this for yourself. So at the end of our time together, you'll know exactly how to maintain everything you've achieved no matter what's happening in your life.

Quite simply, I'm the guy who will help you discover genuine solutions that will last a lifetime.

Yep, I'm THAT guy.

Fully Customised to You & Your Life

The traditional approach to solving food and weight related problems is woefully inadequate.

Simply telling you to eat less (follow this diet) and move more (do these exercises), is unlikely to lead to any long term success.

Let's be honest. It's very easy for the diet and weight loss industry to convince you that all you need is yet another meal plan, food supplement, or exercise program.

These are all very marketable 'solutions'. They kind of logically make sense. They appear to work (in the short term). And it seems like everybody else is doing them.

But these are all superficial, short term band-aid fixes that waste your time, money, and energy and distract you from the real underlying issues that need to be addressed.

The research is pretty clear on this. Over 90% of people who follow the conventional diet and exercise approaches fail to achieve any lasting success.

Unfortunately, as with any other significant life challenge we face, there are no quick-fix solutions that offer genuine lasting results.

And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either foolish or lying. Either way, you'll want to stay well away from whatever it is they're trying to sell you.

So please don't expect the approach I use here at Breakfree Nutrition to provide you with quick and easy fixes or clever gimmicky tactics designed to help you drop a few kilos before the end of the month.

That's not what the Integrative Lifestyle Approach is about.

I'm far more interested in helping you find and implement long term solutions so you can be free of the battle with food and weight once and for all.

It's About Transformation Not Information

We live in a time where information is everywhere.

It's easy to find. And it's free.

But of course, this is also part of the problem.

Because so much of it is conflicting, controversial, misleading, or down-right wrong.

No wonder you feel confused, overwhelmed and completely stuck.

How do you navigate all this advice? And who do you trust?

But there's an even bigger problem.

Because there's an expectation out there that all this information and advice is all you should need to reach your goals and change your life.

And if it isn't, then somehow it must be your fault.

Sure, from time to time, we all need experts who can just tell us what to do.

Sometimes, a critical piece of missing information and some targeted advice is enough for us to change something or get us heading in the right direction again.

But when it comes to releasing ourselves from our deeper struggles with food, body, and weight we need far more than just information and knowledge.

My guess is you probably already know what you should be doing - you're just not doing it. For whatever reasons(s) and despite all your hard work and good intentions, you're struggling to build the solid nutritional and lifestyle habits that will make all the difference. 

Transforming your body, your health, and your relationship with food is not so much about knowing what to do.

It's really about knowing how to do it.

So instead of  just telling you what to do, it's time to embark on a completely different journey. One that's focused on learning how to build and maintain the habits, patterns and skills that will be your path to food and weight freedom. 

And that's exactly why the Integrative Lifestyle Approach is so darn powerful.

There are many experts and coaches out there who can help you figure out what’s keeping you stuck and sabotaging your progress.

But in reality, very few of them can provide the right process, tools, insights and support to help you take action and bridge the gap between where you are today and where you really want to be.

Using the Integrative Lifestyle Approach I'll be showing you how to apply the (most relevant) nutritional information within the context of your own life.

I'll be showing you how to heal the true reasons you overeat or struggle with food.

I'll be showing you how to optimise your metabolic hormones to give your body the best chance of reaching and maintaining its most healthy weight.

And I'll be showing you how to master your inner psychology and break free from the sabotaging thinking patterns that are preventing you from taking action, being consistent, and behaving more like the person you really want to become.

Unfortunately, no amount of book browsing, Internet surfing, article reading, video watching, podcast listening, meal-plan downloading, or information gathering will ever be able to achieve the same results.

Bulletproof Support & Accountability

It's no secret that an effective partnership can achieve things together that as individuals we couldn't possibly achieve alone.

This is a fundamental principle of the Integrative Lifestyle Approach.

Unfortunately, most health-related communication is a one way transfer of information - with the health professional telling you what to do while you just sit there nodding your head.

But that's NOT how I work.

I won't issue instructions or tell you to do anything.

I'm nothing like a personal trainer at a boot camp either. I'm not going to be yelling at you from the sidelines, pushing for you to work harder and harder.

And I'm definitely not the food police.

In today's world where food has become a religion, you need to be working with someone who doesn't have a hidden agenda.

And I certainly don't believe there is only one style of eating that is right for everyone.

That's why it's so important for me to understand your unique history, needs, goals and challenges so I can help you craft a way forward that's right for you.

You see, I view our work together as a collaborative effort with a 2-way dialogue and shared decision-making.

After all, YOU are the expert in YOUR life, not me.

My job is to...

  • guide, coach, and empower you;
  • be your biggest ally;
  • be a constant source of support and encouragement;
  • keep you accountable;
  • provide honest feedback and tell you the hard truth when it’s needed;
  • show you the best way forward when the going gets tough;
  • teach you the success skills you're overlooking; and
  • help you take the next step...and the next...and the next.

But even more than all this, I'm here to walk this journey with you. At your pace. One step at a time.

There's no doubt that that the world of health and nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be.

As soon as you get personalised attention from an expert practitioner, your path to a healthier, happier and more confident YOU will suddenly become a lot clearer.

In the end, it really comes down to this.

To achieve your health and weight loss goals and become the person who you really want to be, you need to partner with someone who can make it possible.

That's why having the right person in your corner is so critical to your success.

Do you currently have anyone like this?

Long Term Weight Stability
Heal Your Relationship with Food
Create Strategic High Impact Habits that Last
Build Your Skillpower Not Your Willpower
Backed By Scientific Resaerch

How Do I Get Started?

Interested in working with me privately? If so, great!

Every month, a few new spots open up as clients naturally progress through their program and move on with their lives.

These one-on-one spots don't last long and are only available to people who qualify. (I will only work with you if I believe you will truly benefit from the Integrated Lifestyle Approach).

So if you are ready, let’s explore working together, so you can reach your goals faster, transform your body and health like never before, and begin living the life you truly deserve.

Go here to schedule a FREE Discovery Session and let's start the process.

(Although the Breakfree Clinic is located in Adelaide, Australia, thanks to the Internet, geography is no barrier. I routinely work with clients all over the globe via Skype, Messenger, telephone, email and the Breakfree Nutrition on-line coaching dashboard and app.)