Rewire Your Hungry Brain
The 5 Step Game Plan to End Binge, Stress and Emotional Eating for Good...

WITHOUT needing to use meal plans, avoid "triggers" or analyse your emotions

When you've been controlled by food for as long as I have, I never thought it was possible to get back in charge of my choices, my health, and my life. But that's exactly what Martin has shown me how to do.
Client Anna
Adelaide, Australia

In this Free Training You Will Discover...

  • The 5 critical steps my clients follow to end binge, stress and emotional eating for good... even when they've been stuck in the diet-binge cycle for decades, feel like a sugar-junkie, and have lost all hope.

  • How they REWIRE the 3 brain-based neural pathways keeping them stuck, so they can completely extinguish cravings and urges and never again need to spend the day white knuckling their way through every food choice.

  • The SINGLE most important SHIFT my clients make to feel in complete control around food, so they don't have to endure the same pointless "get back on track" conversation with themselves every Monday morning.

  • How they use the "Competitive Wiring" strategy to completely release their emotional attachment to food, so even when feeling stressed, worried or upset, eating is actually the farthest thing from their mind.

  • How they end all the self-judgment and crazy food-focused thinking, so they can reclaim their mental energy and be fully present for the things and people in their life that matter the most.

  • AND... how they do ALL this WITHOUT needing to follow meal plans, hide their "trigger" foods, or unpick and analyse their emotions.

Martin Flood

Presented by
Martin Flood

Liifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Back in 2010, Martin Flood became one of the first qualified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners in Australia. In 2012 he opened the Breakfree Nutrition online clinic and developed the very first iteration of the Food Freedom Brain Training approach.

Today, it's now a comprehensive and very personalised, transformative process for helping smart, busy men and women all over the globe, overcome binge, stress and emotional eating.

By showing his clients how to actively rewire the brain pathways responsible for their overeating, they are able to completely eliminate their disordered and destructive patterns around food... regardless of how long they've struggled, how much stress they have, or how "broken" they think they are.


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5 Steps to Rewire Urges to Binge & Overeat

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Watch the Training Now...

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