Rewire Your Brain for Food Freedom

Rewire your hungry brain, end overeating
and reclaim your power over food

Does this Sound Like You?

  • I'm struggling with one or more eating challenges such as emotional eating, stress eating, disordered eating, overeating, night-time snacking, cravings, bingeing or yo-yo dieting;

  • I feel like I'm trapped in an endless tug-of-war with my body... and with food;

  • I'm frustrated because the methods and strategies I've always used to control my eating and weight are no longer working;

  • I don't understand why I keep sabotaging my own progress... despite all my good intentions. I'm my own worst enemy, but feel totally powerless to do anything about it;

  • I've lost the same few kilograms over and over... and put on even more in the process;

  • I'm sick and tired of dieting, restricting calories, following meal plans, using meal replacements, and so on, and just want something that works... so I can finally get on with the rest of my life.

If so... Congratulations! You're in the Right Place.

Martin Flood

Hi there, I'm Martin Flood.

I'm an Australian Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Breakfree Nutrition.

And since 2010, I've helped hundreds of struggling men and women all over the globe overcome their biggest challenges with food and eating so they could reclaim their health and sanity and get on with living their lives free of all the frustration, shame and self-criticism that has battered them for years.

The Food Freedom Brain Training Approach

Overcoming your eating challenges and creating a healthy relationship with food doesn't begin in the kitchen.

It begins in your brain.

The fact is, you're being derailed by 3 specific brain-based neural networks that are simply operating on autopilot based on how they've been programmed.

But thankfully, YOU have the power to change the programming.

So if you're still stuck in the exhausting cycles of yo-yo dieting, food cravings, emotional eating, low energy, continuous weight gain, declining health, body-hatred, guilt, shame and desperation.... 

It's time for a completely different approach.