Get back in charge of your eating and transform your relationship with food

No diets.  No hype.  No fads.  No fluff.

I show high achievers, business owners, managers, leaders, corporate executives and busy professionals how to end the struggle with food and their eating... so they can kick ass, achieve more and show up as their best selves.

Transform from the Inside Out

Rewire Your Hungry

Better eating habits and a healthy relationship with food begin in your brain; not in your kitchen. Let's rewire the neural circuits keeping you stuck so you can break old patterns and build the confidence and momentum to break the cycle of failure and frustration once and for all.

Get Back in Charge Around Food

Whether it's endless food cravings, stress & emotional eating, mindless snacking, bingeing, weekend overeating, or yo-yo dieting... I'll help you create lasting habits that will transform your eating and your life like never before. Grab your personal Eating Patterns Profile to get started.

Conquer Your Weight Loss Demons

Weight loss isn't just about the food. Let me help you identify and address all the other challenges keeping you stuck - stuff like falling motivation, unmanaged stress, crappy sleep, gut issues, lack of movement, difficult emotions, unmet needs, a busy schedule, poor self-care... and so on.

A breakthrough approach combining nutritional science, eating psychology and a transformative brain training habit-change process to permanently resolve your struggles with food.

Breakfree Nutrition is Different

Over the years I’ve seen countless diets, fads, pills, programs and fitness trends come and go.
So if you're sick and tired of all the hype and conflicting advice; are frustrated by a lack of progress; and are now ready to step in to your power with food, then it's time for a different approach.
Welcome to the Food Freedom Brain Training approach.