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Meet Merike

Age 54  |  Team Manager

"The incredibly supportive and very personal journey embarked upon with Martin, has been liberating and completely transformative. I am now creating the life which had previously seemed like nothing more than a pipe-dream."

Meet Liz

Age 55  |  Self Employed

"It would have been so easy to use the excuse 'I just can't afford this' as a way to avoid joining the program. But having wasted years and years going around in circles, I knew it was time for me to commit to something different. And thanks to Martin, I've now regained my spirit."

"So I couldn't recommend it enough... to go on this journey. Just do it! It's the best thing you'll ever do."

Meet Marina

Age 42  |  Self Employed

"For the first time in my battle with weight loss I felt like I wasn't being judged. Martin has allowed me to make changes that I never even realised I could. Being able to set boundaries, stress less, sleep better, and stop beating up on myself have made huge differences to my life. And I also now understand exactly how to keep myself motivated for the longer term so I can keep things on track myself."

Meet Trish

Age 43  |  Shift Worker

"Since working with Martin, it's difficult to describe the complete shift that has occurred  within me and within my head space.  I no longer spend all day thinking about my next meal. I finally know how to consistently make better choices and I'm now at the point where I'm craving exercise instead of the food. Go figure!"

Meet Amanda

Age 32

"It's been a steady weight loss of about half a kilo a week...and whilst it's not as rapid as other forms of weight loss that I've tried, I feel that this time at least I know that I'm changing habits. I don't feel like I'm on a diet...and I know I'm going to be able to maintain this in the long run; and I reckon that's the difference."

Meet Simone

Age 41  |  Admin Officer

"Having Martin in my life is one of the best life choices I have ever made. He has enabled me to break 20 years of bad habits. By showing me how to create new routines and structures, and how to overcome my own excuses, I now have the time, energy and skills to take better care of me. I can't thank him enough for showing me that there is another way, and my only regret is that I didn't find him 10 years ago."

Meet Jeannie

Age 44  |  Customer Service

"I've completely changed the way I eat and enjoy food, exercise, plan my meals, and even the way I do the shopping is now setting me up for success. I would never have thought I'd be able to cook a healthy dinner after a busy day at work. But when you know how to set yourself up properly, it's actually easy. I just needed to be shown how to make all this stuff work within my own life.

But the real bonus for me is in the way I feel. I'm nowhere near as tired...I've got so much more energy. And I even feel less snappy and cranky. I'm sleeping so much better. I used to wake up feeling groggy and tired, but not anymore. Even my hair and skin look and feel completely different. I'm now off my cholesterol tablets altogether and, for the first time in ages, my blood sugar levels have come down to normal levels. My doctor is very pleased to say the least."

Meet Lisa

Age 55  |  Health Professional

"I realise now that weight loss is not just about the number of calories or number of gym sessions; but about recognizing what things in the bigger picture are actually contributing to the weight increase, and then getting to address those in conjunction with a weight loss mindset.

Martin gave me the direction to resolve some of these bigger issues which has ultimately impacted my entire approach to losing weight. My stress levels are now far more manageable rather than being overwhelming and all consuming. And I'm now managing my weight more wholistically, rather than simply focusing on the calories which never worked anyway.

His knowledge, coaching and expertise are second to none, but more importantly, he genuinely cares. And that's been the difference."

Meet Anna

Age 52  |  Finance Officer

"When you've been controlled by food for as long as I have, I never thought it was possible to get back in charge of my choices, my health, and my life. But that's exactly what Martin has shown me how to do."

Meet Sarah

Age 51  |  Public Servant

"Martin's practical solutions to reset my poor habits have been amazing. I've struggled with my weight for many years, but the changes I have made over the last few months have been simple, sustainable and effective."

Meet Gill

Age 53  |  Financial Officer

"Martin showed me how to take the focus off the food and the calories, and allowed me to get my mind in the right place so that I could start making better choices more naturally. I'm losing weight, feeling energised, and a lot happier in myself."

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