You've Tried Dieting and All the Other Stuff for Years.

Now it's time to get back in charge of your eating
and transform your body and life like never before.

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Freedom with Food

It's Time to Create a Life of Freedom with Food

Food freedom is about having a brain and body with zero obsession and compulsion with food

Here's what that looks and feels like...

  • Break free of old patterns

    Food freedom is being free of unwanted eating patterns like binge eating, emotional eating, mindless eating, food addiction, or yo-yo dieting so you no longer feel controlled by food.

  • Eating is peaceful

    Food freedom is breaking free from the love-hate relationship with food; where eating no longer causes confusion, frustration, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, judgment or self-criticism.

  • Eating is sustainable

    Food freedom is reaching a healthy balance with your eating; where you're not striving to be perfect, nor feeling out of control... and you can happily indulge (when it's worth it) or refrain (when it's not).

  • Eating is no big deal

    Food freedom is waking up feeling calm and confident with your eating and knowing that you'll never have to diet again... because food has finally lost its power.

  • Reach your best weight

    Food freedom is gracefully maintaining a stable, comfortable weight that feels right for you...  without having to obsessively diet, restrict calories or go to war with your body. 

  • Be the REAL You

    Food freedom enables you to free up all that wasted energy (spent fighting your brain and body) so you can focus on doing more of the things you truly love and being more like the person you truly are.

But there's Just One Little Problem...

Let's be honest. You're a smart, busy individual who's achieved some big wins in many areas of your life. Yet when it comes to your eating, you feel like a total failure.

You're not. But there is something fundamentally wrong with your approach...

  • You're relying on ineffective strategies

    The traditional approaches to help you lose weight and control your eating are thoroughly broken. They simply fail to address the root causes underlying your struggles; they force you to focus on stuff that isn't sustainable; and they strip you of hope, confidence and any chance of long term success.

  • You're missing a few key skills

    Knowing what to do (and eat) is only part of the solution. The rest comes down to upgrading your skill set so you know exactly how to do it consistently from one day to the next.
    In practice, this means learning how to rewire and recondition the 3 brain-based neural networks that are manipulating and controlling your behaviours around food.

  • You're lacking the right kind of support

    The fastest, most effective way to transform your body, habits and relationship with food is to access high level one-on-one support. You need someone who can help you make sense of all the conflicting advice; who understands your challenges; and who can pinpoint your "blind-spots", teach you the key skills, give you honest feedback, hold you accountable and keep you focused, consistent and on track. Do you have someone in your corner like this?

Food Freedom Begins in Your Brain

Lasting change with your eating doesn't come from following a diet, counting calories, or eating clean. In fact, it does't even start with the food at all.

Success comes from rewiring the 3 brain-based networks manipulating your behaviours around food.

Rewire Your Brain For Food Freedom
FREE Training: Rewire Your Hungry Brain
Discover exactly what these 3 neural networks are and get the 5-step game plan to rewire them.
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The fact is, there’s a huge gap between our conscious desires to eat healthy and stay on track with our eating and the non-conscious conditioning that automatically drives all of our habits and behaviors around food.
In other words, our non-conscious brain and nervous system (via these three neural networks), will ultimately determine why you eat, what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.
Which means your success with food will come down to how these networks are actually programmed.
But by following a neurosciebce-based  brain training process, you can completely rewire these pathways and get back in charge of your eating for good.

Rewire Your Hungry Brain

Your eating habits and patterns simply reflect how your brain is currently wired to respond to food.
But the science of neuroplasticity tells us you have the power to change the wiring.

Change your wiring. Change your habits. Change your life.

Watch the video to learn more about neuroplasticity

When something doesn't work it doesn't mean you've failed.
But it does mean you need to pivot, shift your strategy and try a different approach.

A Radically Different Experience

With an untrained mind and/or a dysregulated nervous system you will fall victim to every food craving, urge, impulse, thought, feeling and trigger that strikes. Life becomes a struggle and your eating will feel out of control.

But when you get to recondition the 3 neural networks keeping you stuck, not only will you forever transform your relationship with food, but you'll free up enough bandwidth to achieve more, live larger and be your best self.

Welcome to the Food Freedom Brain Training (FFBT) 6 Month Transformation

End the obsession and compulsion.

Get back in charge around food, tame your sugar dragon, quit bingeing, end mindless snacking, lose fat, overcome destructive self-talk, develop stress resilience, and create a foundation of health. No matter what your food-freedom goals, I'll help you get there.

Quit dieting. Forever.

Firstly, I'll help you figure out what works for you and your body. Then, by mastering specific habits and skills, you'll be able to eat, feel and perform better than ever and you will finally have the confidence to say goodbye to dieting and all the other quick-fix fads forever.

Nutrition that fits YOUR life.

There is no single diet that works for everybody. We are all unique and have different bodies, metabolisms, challenges, life circumstances, wants, needs and goals. FFBT is not a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, I'll be guiding you through a process that respects and makes room for your individuality.

Bulletproof support and accountability.

Most attempts to build new eating habits fail because life gets in the way. But this all changes when you get support from an expert who can provide timely advice, feedback and direction; and who will keep you focused, consistent and on track no matter what or how many challenges arise along the way.

Build life-changing habits that last.

Just telling you what to do will never be enough. Instead, I'll show you exactly how to succeed for the long term. When I break everything down into small steps you can implement and daily skills you can practice, you'll be able to create life changing habits that will transform your health, your body, and your relationship with food. 

The Food Freedom Framework

The Food Freedom Brain Training process has 4 key phases. Each phase will teach you one or two core practices that help rewire your relationship with food.
This is your roadmap for ending binge and emotional eating for good.

The 4 Phases of Food Freedom Brain Training

Click on the below tabs to learn more about each phase.

Binge eating, compulsive overeating and a mind that obsessively thinks about food are all signs of a dysregulated nervous system that's stuck in a protective fight-flight state.

In this hypervigilant survival state, your brain and body are resistant to change. Which is why, over time, old patterns get worse, your eating feels more out of control, anxiety intensifies, fat-burning is reduced, and life becomes a series of vicious cycles that seem impossible to escape.

The first phase of FFBT is dedicated to teaching your body and brain to let go of this survival state. Without this step, your nervous system will simply not allow you to shift the protective, familiar and "wired-in" eating patterns it's relied upon for so long.

1. By showing you how to safely let go of dieting, fasting and restrictive food rules that stress your nervous system and drive urges to overeat.

2. By using specific neuro-somatic practices that switch off dysregulated survival responses and create a felt sense of safety in your body and nervous system instead.

We all have a Food Story. The question is... is your personal Food Story supportive or sabotaging?

See, when you battle with your eating and/or weight for a long time, your mind will shift its thinking in two very unhelpful ways.

1. It will generate more and more obsessive food-focused thinking (trying to solve the problem).

2. It will create an unforgiving self-critical dialogue to explain why you keep struggling.

Both sets of stories become patterned and overtime, will degrade your confidence and self-trust and deepen feelings of anxiety, shame, unworthiness, and hopelessness. All of which reinforce the overeating and undermine your ability to change.

Because you will keep acting according to the image your mind has created of yourself, in order to permanently shift your relationship with food, you must first release the identity of a binge eater / overeater.

You must learn how to break free of the thoughts and beliefs that are continually talking you into the very patterns you're trying to escape.

The second phase of FFBT shows you how to identify and step out of your mind's obsessive and sabotaging thinking loops in real time. I call this releasing your Food Story.

At the end of this phase, you will have the self-belief, inner calm and mental space needed to choose and react differently around food. And the unhelpful inner chatter will fade into the background and completely lose its power over you.

Using skills and practices from the evidence-based field of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) you will learn to identify and then peacefully drop the struggle with the endless stream of unhelpful mind chatter that normally derails your progress and keeps you stuck.

The fact is, life happens and it won't always feel great. But when you keep pushing these heavy waves of emotion away (with food, distractions and other "coping" tools), instead of truly feeling and processing them, you end up with an intense backup that makes you constantly on edge and even more "cravey".
Then you try to control your life even more out of the fear that the slightest trigger might unleash the avalanche. Eventually, the inner tension becomes so great, something must be released - hello out of control eating.
During this phase of FFBT, you will learn how to safely acknowledge and process emotions - even the icky ones like anxiety, anger, overwhelm, sadness, grief, loneliness, and shame - without always needing a coping strategy to calm things down or get through.
This builds your inner capacity, resilience and confidence to show up as your best self (minus the overeating) no matter what challenge life is throwing at you.
In other words, you become "trigger-proof" because you now have a nervous system that is fully regulated.
Don't worry - this step is NOT about understanding or analysing your emotions or talking about past hurts or traumas. There's NO counselling or therapy involved.
Instead, you'll learn some key practices that allow emotions and urges to move safely through your body so they don't get stuck or overload your nervous system.
Now that you have a more regulated nervous system, can let go of obsessive and sabotaging mind chatter, and are processing emotions more freely, you finally have the inner capacity to permanently heal your relationship with food. Up until this point, this just hasn't been possible.
This phase is all about reconnecting back to your body's innate ability to regulate its own hunger and fullness.
You'll earn to re-establish trust with your body by listening and responding to its signals. You'll get to be relaxed and calm around food again - even with your scariest "trigger" foods and environments.
So, this is the phase when food finally gets to become truly enjoyable and satisfying again.
This phase gradually unfolds as you move through the other 3 phases - as you build that inner capacity and reshape the brain and nervous system pathways at the root of your overeating.
If needed, we will spend some more time implementing a few strategic eating "experiments" to rewire some outdated neural associations (triggers) that your brain may still be hanging on to.

From the Creator of FFBT

Martin Flood
FFBT is not a diet. Nor is it a program designed to simply educate you or load you up with more information.
Let's be honest, if a lack of knowledge was the problem, then Google would have solved your struggles with food and weight well before now.
You see, if you've been struggling with food and weight issues for some time; then chances are you're not addressing the REAL barriers keeping you stuck.
The answer has NOTHING to do with finding more motivation, developing more willpower or searching for the perfect meal plan.
And believe it or not, becoming less busy, trying to live a stress-free life or attempting to avoid your eating triggers isn't the solution either.
We simply blame our struggles on these things when we haven't been able to identify the ROOT causes.
When it comes to destructive eating patterns, the biggest problem most of us face, is that we are lacking the practical skills needed to rewire and recondition three specific neural networks in the brain that are tripping us up.
Unfortunately, if we don’t consciously work to shape these pathways ourselves, they will inevitably be manipulated by other forces in our lives instead: external events, past experiences, the people around us, our circumstances, our monkey mind, diet culture, and various other biological urges present in all of us.
And that's when our eating will start to feel out of control.
So in 2010, I developed the very first iteration of the Food Freedom Brain Training approach. It's now a comprehensive and very personalised, transformative process for helping smart, busy men and women overcome their disordered habits around food and reclaim their health and sanity like never before.
So if you're now ready to go above and beyond anything you've ever done before; tackle the three brain-based barriers standing in your way; and implement a realistic, genuine and lasting solution, then the next step is yours to take.
Let's talk soon.
Martin Flood
Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM
Founder, Breakfree Nutrition

Time to Keep it Real

We hate feeling out of control with food. But diets are boring, frustrating... and ineffective. No one wants to be tied to someone else's meal plan or eating rules forever.

Reality check. Sometimes you'll eat salad. And sometimes you'll eat cake. The difference is knowing how to take the power back from food so you can remain in charge of your choices from one day to the next.

Let me show you how.

What My Clients are Saying

  • IMG_Jeannie_sm

    Jeannie (Age 44); Customer Service; Highbury, Australia

    I've completely changed the way I eat and enjoy food, exercise, plan my meals, and even the way I do the shopping is now setting me up for success. I would never have thought I'd be able to cook a healthy dinner after a busy day at work. But when you know how to set yourself up properly, it's actually easy. I just needed to be shown how to make all this stuff work within my own life.
    But the real bonus for me is in the way I feel. I'm now off my cholesterol tablets altogether and, for the first time in ages, my blood sugar levels have come down to normal levels. I can't thank Martin enough for getting me to this point. I've been able to achieve so much more than I've ever been able to do on my own.

  • IMG_Simone_sm

    Simone (Age 41); Admin Officer; Westbourne Park, Australia

    Martin has enabled me to break 20 years of bad habits. By showing me how to create new routines and structures, and how to overcome my own excuses, I now have the time and energy to take better care of me.

  • IMG_Anna_sm

    Anna (Age 52); Financial Officer; Mawson Lakes, Australia

    When you've been controlled by food for as long as I have, I never thought it was possible to get back in charge of my choices, my health, and my life. But that's exactly what Martin has shown me how to do.

  • IMG_Amanda_sm

    Amanda (Age 32); Adelaide, Australia

    It's been a steady weight loss of about half a kilo a week...and whilst it's not as rapid as other forms of weight loss that I've tried, I feel that this time at least I know that I'm changing habits, I don't feel like I'm on a diet...and I know I'm going to be able to maintain this in the long run; and I reckon that's the difference.

  • IMG_Lisa_sm

    Lisa (Age 55); Allied Health Professional; Adelaide, Australia

    Martin enabled me to identify what was contributing to stress and gave me the direction to resolve some of these issues which has ultimately impacted my entire approach to losing weight. With the skills I have learned along the way, I now feel better able to manage my weight more holistically, rather than simply focusing on the calories which never worked anyway.

  • Mel_Sml

    Mel (Age 28); Mum & Student; Adelaide, Australia

    I would have probably wasted my money on a gym membership, but the advice and coaching I received gave me so much more focus and clarity which enabled me to create new habits, even when my head was telling me I couldn't.
    I actually came into the program rather skeptical, but after 3 months I have been able to change not only my way of thinking, but how I plan, and what I do.

  • Client_Marina

    Marina (Age 42); Self Employed

    Each week the program allowed me to set realistic and supportive goals and gave me the tools and skills that I could take away and use anytime. This has allowed me to make changes that I never realised I could. Being able to set boundaries, stress less, sleep better, and stop beating up on myself about my eating and weight have made huge differences to my life. And I also now have a greater understanding of what actually drives me, and how to keep myself motivated for the longer term.

  • IMG_Sarah_Sm

    Sarah (Age 51); Public Servant; Adelaide, Australia

    Martin's practical solutions to reset my poor habits have been amazing. I've struggled with my weight for many years, but the changes I have made just in the past few weeks have been simple and effective.

  • IMG_Trish_sm

    Trish (Age 43); Shift Worker; Reynella, Australia

    Thanks to Martin I no longer spend all day thinking about my next meal. I finally know how to consistently make better choices and I'm now at the point where I'm craving exercise instead of the food.

Ready to Break Free? Here's How to Get Started...

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These one-on-one spots don't last long and are only available to people who qualify. (I will only work with you if I believe you will truly benefit from the FFBT approach).
So to be sure that FFBT will be a good fit for you, just follow the above two steps.

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