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You've Tried Dieting and All the Other Stuff for Years.

Now it's time to get back in charge of your eating
and transform your body and life like never before.

Welcome to

Freedom with Food

It's Time to Create a Life of Freedom with Food

Food freedom is about overcoming your physical, mental and emotional struggles with food and your eating.

Here's what that looks and feels like...

  • Break free of old patterns

    Food freedom is being free of unwanted eating habits like emotional eating, stress eating, mindless eating, overeating, bingeing and yo-yo dieting... and no longer feeling controlled by food.

  • Eating is peaceful

    Food freedom is breaking free from the love-hate relationship with food; where eating no longer causes confusion, frustration, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, judgment or self-criticism.

  • Eating is sustainable

    Food freedom is reaching a healthy balance with your eating; where you're not striving to be perfect, nor feeling out of control... and you can happily indulge (when it's worth it) or refrain (when it's not).

  • Eating is no big deal

    Food freedom is waking up feeling calm and confident with your eating and knowing that you'll never have to diet again... because food has finally lost its power.

  • Reach your best weight

    Food freedom is gracefully maintaining a stable, comfortable weight that feels right for you...  without having to obsessively diet, restrict calories or go to war with your body. 

  • Perform like a boss

    Food freedom enables you to free up all that wasted energy (spent fighting your body and struggling with food) so you can focus on doing more of the things you truly love and being more like the person you truly are.

But there's Just One Little Problem...

Let's be honest. You're a smart, busy individual who's achieved some big wins in many areas of your life. Yet when it comes to your eating, you feel like a total failure.

You're not. But there is something fundamentally wrong with your approach...

  • You're relying on ineffective strategies

    The traditional approaches to help you lose weight and control your eating are thoroughly broken. They simply fail to address the root causes underlying your struggles; they force you to focus on stuff that isn't sustainable; and they strip you of hope, confidence and any chance of long term success.

  • You're missing a few key skills

    Knowing what to do (and eat) is only part of the solution. The rest comes down to upgrading your skill set so you know exactly how to do it consistently from one day to the next.
    In practice, this means learning how to rewire and recondition the 3 brain-based neural networks that are manipulating and controlling your behaviours around food.

  • You're lacking the right kind of support

    The fastest, most effective way to transform your body, habits and relationship with food is to access high level one-on-one support. You need someone who can help you make sense of all the conflicting advice; who understands your challenges; and who can pinpoint your "blind-spots", teach you the key skills, give you honest feedback, hold you accountable and keep you focused, consistent and on track. Do you have someone in your corner like this?

Food Freedom Begins in Your Brain

Lasting change with your eating doesn't come from following a diet, counting calories, or eating clean. In fact, it does't even start with the food at all.

Success comes from rewiring the 3 brain-based networks manipulating your behaviours around food.

Rewire Your Brain For Food Freedom
FREE Training: How to Fix a Broken Diet
Discover exactly what these 3 neural networks are and get the 5-step game plan to rewire them.
Click here to watch.
The fact is, there’s a huge gap between our conscious desires to eat healthy and stay on track with our eating and the non-conscious conditioning that automatically drives all of our habits and behaviors around food.
In other words, our subconscious brain (via these three neural networks), will ultimately determine why you eat, what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.
Which means your success with food will come down to how these networks are actually programmed.
But by following a proven evidence-based 4-step brain training process, you can completely rewire these pathways and get back in charge of your eating for good.

Rewire Your Hungry Brain

Your eating habits and patterns simply reflect how your brain is currently wired to respond to food.
But the science of neuroplasticity tells us you have the power to change the wiring.

Change your wiring. Change your habits. Change your life.

Watch the video to learn more about neuroplasticity

When something doesn't work it doesn't mean you've failed.
But it does mean you need to pivot, shift your strategy and try a different approach.

A Radically Different Experience

With an untrained mind you will fall victim to every food craving, urge, impulse, thought, feeling and trigger that strikes. Life becomes a struggle and your eating will feel out of control.

But when you get to recondition the 3 neural networks keeping you stuck, not only will you forever transform your relationship with food, but you'll free up enough bandwidth to achieve more, live larger and be your best self.

Welcome to the Food Freedom Brain Training (FFBT) 6 Month Transformation

Reach your goals. Make them last.

Get back in charge around food, tame your sugar dragon, quit overeating, lose fat, have more energy, build a foundation of health, reduce medications, overcome destructive self-talk, develop stress resilience, or create a nurturing self-care practice. No matter what your goals, I'll help you get there.

Quit dieting. Forever.

Firstly, I'll help you figure out what works for you and your body. Then, by mastering specific habits and skills, you'll be able to eat, feel and perform better than ever and you will finally have the confidence to say goodbye to dieting and all the other quick-fix fads forever.

Nutrition that fits YOUR life.

There is no single diet that works for everybody. We are all unique and have different bodies, metabolisms, challenges, life circumstances, wants, needs and goals. FFBT is not a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, I'll be guiding you through a process that respects and makes room for your individuality.

Bulletproof support and accountability.

Most attempts to build new eating habits fail because life gets in the way. But this all changes when you get support from an expert who can provide timely advice, feedback and direction; and who will keep you focused, consistent and on track no matter what or how many challenges arise along the way.

Build life-changing habits and skills.

Just telling you what to do will never be enough. Instead, I'll show you exactly how to succeed for the long term. When I break everything down into small steps you can implement and daily skills you can practice, you'll be able to create life changing habits that will transform your health, your body, and your relationship with food. 

From the Creator of FFBT

Martin Flood
FFBT is not a diet. Nor is it a program designed to simply educate you or load you up with more information.
Let's be honest, if a lack of knowledge was the problem, then Google would have solved your struggles with food and weight well before now.
You see, if you've been struggling with food and weight issues for some time; then chances are you're not addressing the REAL barriers keeping you stuck.
The answer has NOTHING to do with finding more motivation, developing more willpower or searching for the perfect meal plan.
And believe it or not, becoming less busy, trying to live a stress-free life or attempting to avoid your eating triggers isn't the solution either.
We simply blame our struggles on these things when we haven't been able to identify the ROOT causes and the REAL barriers.
The biggest problem most of us face, is that we are lacking the awareness and the skills needed to rewire and recondition three specific neural networks in the brain that are tripping us up.
Unfortunately, if we don’t consciously work to shape these pathways ourselves, they will inevitably be manipulated by other forces in our lives instead: external events, past experiences, the people around us, our circumstances, our monkey mind and various other biological processes and triggers present in all of us.
And that's when our eating can start to feel out of control.
So in 2010, I developed the very first iteration of the Food Freedom Brain Training approach. It's now a comprehensive and very personalised, transformative process for helping smart, busy men and women overcome their disordered habits around food and reclaim their health and sanity like never before.
So if you're now ready to go above and beyond anything you've ever done before; tackle the three brain-based barriers standing in your way; and implement some realistic, genuine and lasting solutions, then the next step is yours to take.
Let's talk soon.
Martin Flood
Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM
Founder, Breakfree Nutrition

Time to Keep it Real

We hate feeling out of control with food. But diets are boring, frustrating... and ineffective. No one wants to be tied to someone else's meal plan or eating rules forever.

Reality check. Sometimes you'll eat salad. And sometimes you'll eat cake. The difference is knowing how to take the power back from food so you can remain in charge of your choices from one day to the next.

Let me show you how.

What My Clients are Saying

  • IMG_Jeannie_sm

    Jeannie (Age 44); Customer Service; Highbury, Australia

    I've completely changed the way I eat and enjoy food, exercise, plan my meals, and even the way I do the shopping is now setting me up for success. I would never have thought I'd be able to cook a healthy dinner after a busy day at work. But when you know how to set yourself up properly, it's actually easy. I just needed to be shown how to make all this stuff work within my own life.
    But the real bonus for me is in the way I feel. I'm now off my cholesterol tablets altogether and, for the first time in ages, my blood sugar levels have come down to normal levels. I can't thank Martin enough for getting me to this point. I've been able to achieve so much more than I've ever been able to do on my own.

  • IMG_Simone_sm

    Simone (Age 41); Admin Officer; Westbourne Park, Australia

    Martin has enabled me to break 20 years of bad habits. By showing me how to create new routines and structures, and how to overcome my own excuses, I now have the time and energy to take better care of me.

  • IMG_Anna_sm

    Anna (Age 52); Financial Officer; Mawson Lakes, Australia

    When you've been controlled by food for as long as I have, I never thought it was possible to get back in charge of my choices, my health, and my life. But that's exactly what Martin has shown me how to do.

  • IMG_Amanda_sm

    Amanda (Age 32); Adelaide, Australia

    It's been a steady weight loss of about half a kilo a week...and whilst it's not as rapid as other forms of weight loss that I've tried, I feel that this time at least I know that I'm changing habits, I don't feel like I'm on a diet...and I know I'm going to be able to maintain this in the long run; and I reckon that's the difference.

  • IMG_Lisa_sm

    Lisa (Age 55); Allied Health Professional; Adelaide, Australia

    Martin enabled me to identify what was contributing to stress and gave me the direction to resolve some of these issues which has ultimately impacted my entire approach to losing weight. With the skills I have learned along the way, I now feel better able to manage my weight more holistically, rather than simply focusing on the calories which never worked anyway.

  • Mel_Sml

    Mel (Age 28); Mum & Student; Adelaide, Australia

    I would have probably wasted my money on a gym membership, but the advice and coaching I received gave me so much more focus and clarity which enabled me to create new habits, even when my head was telling me I couldn't.
    I actually came into the program rather skeptical, but after 3 months I have been able to change not only my way of thinking, but how I plan, and what I do.

  • Client_Marina

    Marina (Age 42); Self Employed

    Each week the program allowed me to set realistic and supportive goals and gave me the tools and skills that I could take away and use anytime. This has allowed me to make changes that I never realised I could. Being able to set boundaries, stress less, sleep better, and stop beating up on myself about my eating and weight have made huge differences to my life. And I also now have a greater understanding of what actually drives me, and how to keep myself motivated for the longer term.

  • IMG_Sarah_Sm

    Sarah (Age 51); Public Servant; Adelaide, Australia

    Martin's practical solutions to reset my poor habits have been amazing. I've struggled with my weight for many years, but the changes I have made just in the past few weeks have been simple and effective.

  • IMG_Trish_sm

    Trish (Age 43); Shift Worker; Reynella, Australia

    Thanks to Martin I no longer spend all day thinking about my next meal. I finally know how to consistently make better choices and I'm now at the point where I'm craving exercise instead of the food.

The Food Freedom Brain Training 6 Month Transformation is not simply a solution for people who need it.

It's a solution for people who want it.

Ready to Break Free? Here's How to Get Started...

Step 1
Take the Quiz

Take the quiz to determine how your brain is wired to eat and react to food


Step 2
Watch the Training

Discover the 5 steps to rewire your hungry brain and reclaim your power over food


Step 3
Book a Breakthrough Call

Book a free session to discuss your specific situation and challenges in detail


Every month, a few new spots open up as clients naturally progress through their program and move on with their lives.
These one-on-one spots don't last long and are only available to people who qualify. (I will only work with you if I believe you will truly benefit from the FFBT approach).
So to be sure that FFBT will be a good fit for you, just follow the above 3 steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Food Freedom Brain Training (FFBT) program for?

FFBT will be ideally suited if you...

  • are aged over 18 years and struggling with one or more food or eating challenges that are impacting your quality of life;
  • are sick and tired of relying on quick-fix options like dieting, restrictive meal plans, counting calories, detoxes, weight loss shakes, supplements etc. and are now ready to discover and implement genuine long term solutions;
  • are struggling with emotional eating, stress eating, mindless eating, binge eating, overeating or any other challenge with food;
  • have a love-hate relationship with food and body;
  • have tried lots of things over the years, but just can't seem to make anything stick;
  • have lost the same few kilograms over and over... and gained even more in the process;
  • have a sense that you are your own worst enemy and that you are constantly getting in your own way and sabotaging your own progress;
  • are ready to break out of old patterns and habits and take your health, nutrition and self-care to the next level;
  • feel confused, frustrated and stuck... but are willing to work one-on-one for 6 months with someone who will provide expert guidance, support, feedback, coaching and accountability.

The majority of my clients have struggled with their eating and weight for a long time. And most have discovered that their years of dieting and trying various other programs and approaches have not actually provided the long term results they were hoping for. So if this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

Who shouldn't join?

FFBT will NOT be suitable for you if:

  • you're after instant results or you just want to lose some quick weight before your wedding, holiday etc.;
  • you're not willing to experiment with different strategies, learn new skills, build new habits or create the head-space and mindset shifts needed for long term success;
  • you're not willing to invest around 30 minutes of your time per day to integrate the skills, strategies, habits and action items into your routine;
  • you're not willing to fully commit for 6 months. Creating real lasting success is a process that takes time and there simply are no magic bullets. If you're just looking for a 6 week reboot, you're in the wrong place.

I freely admit that the Food Freedom Brain Training process is NOT for everybody. This is not some gimmicky program where I'm promising you'll magically wake up with your dream body after a few weeks.

The honest truth is that long lasting transformation requires commitment, effort... and time. Not to mention the right game plan. Also expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone because that's where the "magic" will happen.

And so if you're willing to follow my lead, tackle some tough challenges and do the work, then six months from now you will have permanently changed the way you think, feel and behave around food. And your life (and body) will be forever different. 

How do I join?

Before you can join, we need to be certain that the FFBT process will be a good fit for you.

I only work privately and 1:1 with 15 clients at a time and I will only enroll you in the program if I truly believe you will respond well to the approach I use. There's simply no sense in working with someone who either isn't ready or isn't suited to the process.

So here's how to get started...

Step 1: Firstly, you need to watch this video training:

Rewire Your Hungry Brain:
The 5 Step Game Plan to End Binge, Stress and Emotional Eating for Good

In this masterclass I outline the 5 essential strategies that are responsible for the vast majority of my clients success. After watching this training, you will know if the FFBT approach will be a good fit for you. Then, if you like, you can move on to the next step...

Step 2: Schedule a free private Breakthrough Session with me (in-person or via phone or video chat)

At the end of the above video training you will be given a link to my calendar to schedule a free Discovery Session. During this 45-minute session we will discuss your specific food and/or weight challenges and map out a game plan designed just for you.

At the end of this session, if we both agree that the Food Freedom Brain Training approach will be a good fit for you, we will discuss exactly how we can work together.

How much does the program cost?
Imagine walking into the doctor's office and asking... "hey doc, my knee is swollen and painful. How much will it cost to fix?
He/she probably won't be able to answer you, without fully understanding the problem first.
Do you NEED a painkiller? ($10).
Do you NEED physiotherapy? ($100+)
Or do you NEED surgery? ($2000+)
So I don't actually discuss anything to do with $$$... UNTIL I've had a Breakthrough Call with someone.
And I do that for TWO reasons...
  1. I don't know what you NEED.
  2. I don't know if I can help you.
But once I am clear on these two things, I can answer absolutely ANY question you have.
Now, I hope you can appreciate this.
You see, my approach is anything but "cookie cutter". 
I do deeply customised work with a small group of committed people... and there are quite a few things to consider before I can discuss price or take on a new client.
But let me also say this.

FFBT is not some cheap program.

It's a cutting edge, well designed, totally personalized and results-driven process that gives you unprecedented one-on-one access to a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (that's me!) who will help transform your eating, your health and your life like never before.

For me to be able to make the biggest impact and create major transformations for people, I need to operate in my zone of genius. If I wanted it to be "cheap", then I would've created something that was just "good" or "mediocre" and then sold it to the masses - but that's not what FFBT is about.

I’m simply not interested in offering you another band-aid or cheap "solution".

So yes, I freely admit there are literally thousands of cheaper programs out there offering to help you lose weight, get fit and change your eating habits. And most of them are priced in the range $39 to $399. 

In fact, I bet you've even signed up for one or two... or more.
(Whisper: How did it turn out?)

Fun Fact: At last count, I've signed up for 68 of these programs too!!! 
Why? Market research. It's the only way I can see what these programs actually deliver... and understand how woefully inadequate they really are. 

Here's the thing. The people and companies that offer $49, $99 or even $399 programs are either capitalizing on fads and trends or slapping together something that's designed for the masses and will simply deliver information (not transformation). And if you're really lucky, you may experience some short term results. Just don't expect them to last very long.

Not to mention the fact that these $99 programs have NO responsibility to YOU!
You can join these programs or see these practitioners, but no one will be there to take the responsibility when things don't work out. Am I right?

Let's be real here for a moment. If a program REALLY has the power to change your life – if it's REALLY going to help you transform your eating, reclaim your health and get back in charge of your body – it's not going to be $99. Or $399. 

I know what it takes to create REAL success for people. I've spent years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars developing a HIGH LEVEL coaching process that delivers REAL results.

There's no doubt that working privately with me to help you transform your eating, your body and your life requires an investment of time, energy and money.

But how much of all these things have you already spent trying to resolve your challenges with food and weight?

In reality you have 3 options:

  1. Choose to invest in the same old stuff (diets, shakes, fads, gimmicks etc.) and get the same old results.
  2. Do nothing or go it alone and keep doing what you're already doing. Where will this leave you in 5-10 years time?
  3. Try a completely different approach. By working with me, you'll get access to my step-by-step process and I'll show you precisely how to build the habits, learn the skills, and create the shifts needed to finally be successful with your eating and weight. 

So I guess the most important question is this...

What will be the true cost of NOT giving FFBT a try?
Think in terms of your weight, health, energy, stress, frustration, regret, missed opportunities and long term happiness.

Bear in mind, what might seem like a lot of money toady probably won't seem that much in 5 or 10 years time when you'll be able to look back and realize what you've been able to achieve and create for yourself. All because you had the willingness, courage and insight to try a different approach and seek out the support and guidance you genuinely needed.

In the end, you aren't purchasing a program at all. Because what you're really investing in is YOU... and YOUR transformation and longer term health and happiness. 

But if you don't believe that investing in yourself is important, then perhaps FFBT isn't for you.

I’m interested in serving people who are highly committed, very coachable and willing to transform themselves from the inside out to become even more extraordinary.

I LOVE my clients.

I serve them deeply and at the highest level and their success matters to me.

My clients have all different backgrounds but what they all have in common is that they show up ready to take action and change their lives.

So if you’re reading this and are like ”yep, I totally get it Martin”, then YOU are the one I’m looking for.

YOU are the one I can help.

I don't live in Adelaide, Australia. Can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, I work successfully with clients all over Australia and in various other countries around the world.

For your private one-on-one sessions we will connect via a video chat platform at a time convenient to both of us. Also, your personal online Food Freedom Dashboard will enable me to provide resources, feedback, support and accountability no matter where you live. It's also where we will communicate daily with one another between your sessions.

Will I be following a specific diet or meal plan?

That's an easy one. No.

Quite simply, the research clearly shows that diets and meal plans don't work for long term success. Sure, they may help you lose weight (and sometimes very quickly) but they fail to address the real reasons you're struggling with food and weight. And so any success they provide is always short lived.

However, I will help you discover and implement a way and style of eating that works for you - one that doesn't crash and burn after a few weeks.

How much time will I need to invest in this program?

As far as your daily commitments are concerned, that's entirely up to you. My job is to help you be as strategic, productive and supported as possible with the time that you do have. And I'll work with you within the parameters of your own crazy, hectic and unique life.

With that said, provided you can spare 1.5 hours every 10 days or so (for your Strategy Session) plus an additional 30 minutes every day (to plan, practice, implement and monitor new habits/skills/strategies) you will do just fine.

But after working one-to-one with over 240 private clients, I do know this much. Your level of progress and success will be a direct reflection of the time and effort you invest in the process. 

Here's one other thing to think about. Over the years, how much time have you honestly invested (or wasted) in dealing with your challenges with food, body and weight? Probably quite a bit.
And how much time are you currently spending thinking, obsessing, analyzing and stressing about your body and food?

And so, when you finally get all this stuff sorted, just think how much more time and energy this will genuinely free up. In the end, the FFBT process isn't about adding more things to your to-do list. It's really about finding a way that transcends all these challenges so you can genuinely give more of your time and attention to the things you truly love.

Why is the program 6 months long?

Building new habits, learning new skills, creating new mindset shifts, and rewiring your neural pathways for food freedom doesn't happen overnight. In reality, there are no short cuts. And that's exactly why the FFBT process is designed around a 6 month time frame.

Getting to the stage you're at with your body, health and relationship with food didn't happen overnight. It's taken months, years and possibly even decades to reach this point. So it's unreasonable to expect that you can turn all this around in just a few weeks or months... which is exactly what most diet and fitness programs would have you believe.

This is nothing like your typical 30-day detox or 12-week weight loss program. These types of programs only really have one goal in mind: quick weight loss. Not sustainable fat loss. Not addressing your true barriers. Not showing you how to succeed over the longer term.
(Keep in mind that the most profitable customer for a diet program is one who loses the weight and then puts it all back on, so they have to return again... and again. Interesting.)

But there's another very important reason for FFBT being 6 months long. You see, over this time you will be learning how to manage your eating and weight while also experiencing and juggling your real, hectic, messy, challenging and imperfect life. The program allows for a move of house, a holiday, a crazy work schedule, a sick family member, a new puppy (or baby for that matter), or any other obstacles or circumstance that might arise. Quite simply, the process I will take you through respects the realities of life...and that's part of why it is so successful.

Will this program really help me?

The Food Freedom Brain Training process was designed for anyone who really struggles with their eating.

But... it's not a diet. It's not a detox. It's not a meal plan. It's not a 6-week weight loss challenge. It's not a boot camp. It's not a quick fix. It's not a magic pill. 

In fact, it's unlike any other approach for 3 main reasons..

  1. Together, we will identify and address your real barriers - the obstacles and challenges diets and conventional weight loss programs don't even talk about.
  2. For 6 months you will receive high-level 1-to-1 support, guidance and accountability from an expert who cares (that's me!).
  3. There is a focus on mastery. Lasting change with your eating doesn't come from simply gathering more knowledge. You can't rewire your brain without practicing and applying certain skills. Just as you can't learn piano without your hands on the keys. You have to practice over and over. In other words, FFBT is about transformation, not information.

Quite simply, if you are willing to do the work, quit dieting, learn some fundamental skills, and develop some strategic habits... results WILL follow. 

However, to be absolutely certain that the FFBT process will work for you, please schedule a free no obligation Breakthrough Session with me. 

How much weight will I lose?

FFBT is about building the habits, learning the skills, implementing the strategies and making the mindset shifts that will put your body in the best possible position to reach and maintain its most healthy weight. 

In the end, lasting weight loss is a byproduct of the body and mind getting healthy. And while many of my clients do indeed lose weight during their 6 month journey with me,  it’s impossible to guarantee a particular level of weight loss over this time. Our bodies just take time to readjust... especially if we've been struggling for years or even decades. That's why many clients also report weight loss after their FFBT commitment has ended.

But regardless of how much weight you actually lose during the 6 months, when I’m in touch with clients months or years later, they’re always in a substantially better place because they’ve continued to take what they've learned and implemented during their FFFBT program to make ongoing progress.

Side note: Not all clients want (or need) to lose weight. So if that's you, don't worry. If your body has weight to lose, it probably will. If it hasn't, it won't.

But what if I'm scared to even start?

Actually, this is one of the biggest concerns most people have before (and even after) they join FFBT.

There are all kinds of fears you may have. Fear of failing. Fear of doing the work. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of how others may react. Fear of asking for help. Fear of feeling vulnerable, opening up and sharing your biggest and scariest struggles... and so on.

So firstly... congratulations for being human! Having all these fears is perfectly normal and natural. But allowing them to hold you back, push you around and prevent you from taking action is a tragedy.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons people continue to struggle with food and weight, is because they've never allowed themselves to seek the kind of high-level guidance and support they genuinely need.

So if that's you... please don't make this mistake any longer. 

If you'd like to take a big leap forward with your health, your eating and your weight, it's time to stop hiding. You owe it to yourself to step up, take action and get this stuff sorted. But only YOU can take that first step. And yes, it will still be scary. 

In the end, it really comes down to this...
Do you want to be more committed to your fears... or you dreams?

What if I have other health/medical problems or take medication?

There's no doubt that losing weight and improving your eating and lifestyle habits will have significant benefits for your overall health - particularly if you're already facing challenges such as diabetes (or pre-diabetes), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, and so on.

That being said, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle adjustments - even when they're for the better.

Being both a qualified Pharmacist and a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, rest assured I will always take into account your medical history and any prescribed medication you are taking. And with your consent, I will communicate with your G.P and any other health professionals if required.

One final point. Some of my clients have been able to reduce or even eliminate certain medications as their health status gradually improved throughout their 6-month program and beyond. This is yet another reason you should work closely with your doctor and keep them informed of your changes.

Can I pause or take a break once I start?


I know you probably lead a busy, hectic and (sometimes) messy life. Things come up. Like a sick family member. A holiday. A change of job. A move of house. Or some emergency that demands your full attention. Life happens, right?

So that's why you'll always be able to take a break from or pause your enrollment in FFBT... and pick things up again when you are able.  

But let me also say this. After coaching and supporting hundreds of men and women through the FFBT process, what I've noticed, is that the MOST successful people are those who complete their journey in the 6 month time frame. Maintaining your focus and commitment for this amount of time is one of the keys to building momentum, rewiring brain pathways, changing habits and transforming everything. And that's also why I offer the money back guarantee when you make it a 6 month process.

What if I've got more questions?

Great, I love questions!

Or perhaps you're not sure if FFBT will be a good fit for you. No worries, let’s chat and figure this out together.

STEP #1: Watch the free training.

STEP #2: Schedule your Breakthrough Call

Otherwise, send me an email via the Contact Me form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Alternatively, call the Breakfree Nutrition Clinic on 1300 39 40 50 (cost of a local call Australia wide).

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