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30 Years Battling Food and Now This…

Book Your Breakthrough Call Suzanne used to wake up nearly every day in a fight with her body trying her best to control the food and somehow make up (through more restriction and exercise) for her out of control binge from the day before. Problem was, all the diets, cleanses, protocols, weight loss programs and […]

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How Vanessa Stopped Binging on Bread and Jam

Book Your Breakthrough Call I want to tell you about my client Vanessa. Even better… go watch her AMAZING food-freedom story above. See, Vanessa used to binge on nuts, raisins, bread and jam – EVERY SINGLE DAY. The binge urges were unrelenting, completely controlling, and making her life miserable. And the constant overeating was disrupting […]

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Tenniele's Food Freedom Story

Tenielle’s Food Freedom Transformation

How Tenielle changed her relationship to food, body and Self Book Your Breakthrough Call My client Tenielle has something to share with you. Now, Tenielle was an awesome fitness trainer who went above and beyond for her clients. But behind the scenes, there was something very destructive going on that she didn’t want anyone to […]

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Rosie’s Food Freedom Transformation

How we ended a lifelong battle with food in weeks Book Your Breakthrough Call Rosie is a kind-hearted, lovable, hard-working, 58 year old woman… …who battled for decades with out of control eating. She did her best to hide it, but the extra weight and the mental struggle and brain fog was making Rosie feel […]

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Basia’s Food Freedom Transformation

From daily bingeing to peace and joy Book Your Breakthrough Call Basia had a life or death choice. After binge eating every single day for years and expending every last ounce of willpower trying to control it, her sense of helplessness and hopelessness was literally crushing her. In her own mind, it was either end […]

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Ending emotional eating

Your Biggest Threat to Ending Binge and Emotional Eating

Hint: It’s got nothing to do with food. Book Your Breakthrough Call I want to highlight the biggest “unseen” threat that’s preventing you from making any kind of significant and lasting progress with your eating. The truth is, a lot of people I speak with who struggle with binge and emotional eating, unknowingly sabotage their […]

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Diet self sabotage

Why Do I Keep Self-Sabotaging with Food?

The 3 vicious cycles keeping you stuck. Book Your Breakthrough Call Does it feel like you’re stuck in a revolving door of binge and emotional eating? And are you sick and tired of “falling off the wagon” and sabotaging yourself around food? Like when you’re “good” all week, only to end it in your pantry […]

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How Do You Compare to Other Binge & Emotional Eaters?

The 7 Key Trends You Need to Know. Book Your Breakthrough Call Sometimes when I speak to people about their binge, stress or emotional eating, they ask me this… How do I compare to others you’ve helped? Truth is, we tend to think our problems are unique. We think we’re some special case. We think […]

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Heal your relationship with food

The #1 reason you’ll never heal your relationship with food

And how you can avoid this oh-so-frustrating trap. Having issues watching this video? Click HERE Here’s something that might shock you… I freely admit that I can’t help most people who overeat and struggle with food. So let me firstly explain WHY this is the case; then I’ll show you exactly how to avoid falling […]

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Why do I keep falling off the diet wagon?

Why is it so hard to eat like a normal person?

Having issues watching this video? Click HERE 99% of what you’ve been taught about ending the struggle with food is seriously flawed. And if you follow the standard advice most people follow, you will continue to struggle. I’ve lost count how many people I’ve spoken with who say they’re able to stick with any diet […]

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