Even the Gastric Band Failed

After spending most of her life battling food and and trying to lose weight, Donna felt like nothing worked no matter how hard she tried.

Even the gastric-band surgery wasn't enough to end her binge eating.

She was lost, confused and exhausted.

Yet, after hearing about neuroplasticity, a hopeful voice inside of her, urged her to reach out to us.

When we first met, she said...

"I’ve managed to have a great career and to raise amazing kids. So why can’t I figure this food piece out? What am I missing?"

It's true.

Donna is a passionate self-directed and highly driven woman who had worked hard to achieve success is so many areas.

On the surface, she had the perfect life.

Yet, she still felt like she was failing dismally.

The constant distress and shame around her eating and weight was blocking her from enjoying the very life she had worked so hard to create.

But the moment I explained that her struggle was all down to brain and nervous system pathways, Donna could immediately see the way out.

The first thing we did was break down the REWIRING process in to some simple daily practices so she could get a deep understanding of how her mind and nervous system actually worked.

Then, through a gentle 6 month process of gradual titration and ongoing practice, Donna was able to...

👉 transform her relationship with food,

👉 heal her binge eating,

👉 step out of the diet cycle,

👉 reclaim her trust, confidence and self-belief,

👉 fill her life with joy, connection and gratitude, and

👉 end the 30 year toxic battle with her body and with herself.

Anita and I are super excited to bring you Donna's story in this revealing interview.

In her own words...

"My solution to everything was food and now it's not. I'm so blessed to be able to continue on this path and carry these deep shifts for the rest of my life."

Donna’s story is not unique. This is what our clients experience....

Food Freedom Forever.

See, it’s never too late to change the trajectory of your life.

Whether you’ve been struggling for decades like Donna, or just a few years, time is all we have.

Time is the only thing we can’t create more of or get back.

All we have is NOW.

Right this very moment.

So, rather than keep waiting...

Let's stop the overeating and the pain and shame of being stuck - so you can become the best version of you... NOW.

It’s time to make a commitment to transform from the inside out and change your life forever.

You only need TWO things...

The right strategy AND the right support… and Anita and I can give you BOTH.

When Donna heard that voice inside of her tell her she was meant for more, she didn’t ignore it. She didn’t push it aside.

She LISTENED…and then she reached out and booked a call.

If you want to follow in her footsteps, then you need to book the same call that she did...

Or, at the very least, get on the Wait-List for our next LIVE virtual 30 day Food Freedom Experience.

Only you can decide which way you will go.

Freedom… or more of the same.

The choice is yours.

It’s not for us to say.

But what we can say is this…

Anita and I have created a predictable, repeatable, authentic and dialed-in process for REWIRING binge and compulsive eating habits.

And we'd love to share it with YOU.

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About Martin Flood

Martin Flood
Martin Flood
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM

Martin is a registered Pharmacist, certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, and sought after Neuro-somatic Coach. In 2012, after shifting careers, he opened the Breakfree Nutrition online clinic and developed the BINGE-FREE Neural Retraining (BFNR) Framework for ending binge and compulsive eating.

By bringing together evidence-based practices from the psychology of eating, the somatics of nervous system regulation, and the neuroscience of changing firmly ingrained habits, BFNR is a deeply transformative and personalised process that retrains the brain and body from the inside-out.

His broad experience, unique skill base, and compassionate, yet refreshingly direct approach, enables his clients to actively rewire the brain pathways responsible for their out-of-control food urges, compulsions and obsessions... so they can finally shed the chains of their private, shame-filled food prison and step into a life filled with genuine joy, connection, and opportunity.

About Anita Hosie

Anita Hosie
Anita Hosie

Anita is a qualified Counsellor and Nurse and has a background working in nutrition & environmental medicine clinics and addiction & rehabilitation centres.

Anita has personally experienced life in the trenches, navigating her own debilitating and isolating health challenges, including a tormenting 7 year struggle with a binge eating disorder and additional digestive, immune and nervous system dysregulations.

But by viewing her struggles as opportunities to heal on a deeper level, and by embracing the skills of neuroplasticity, she has and continues to incrementally heal from the inside out.

Today, not only is Anita completely binge-free, but she's deeply passionate about paying it forward and assisting you to find your own unique path to freedom with food, body and Self.

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