30 Years Battling Food and Now This…

Suzanne used to wake up nearly every day in a fight with her body trying her best to control the food and somehow make up (through more restriction and exercise) for her out of control binge from the day before.

Problem was, all the diets, cleanses, protocols, weight loss programs and gym sessions were just creating more and more food obsession and making the overeating worse.

Even more seemingly helpful approaches that taught mindful eating and emotional awareness were just not working.

And after 30 years of struggling, she was now rapidly gaining weight, had major gut issues and food intolerances, feared her appetite, hated her body, and was consumed with anxiety, shame and hopelessness on a daily basis.

Both her physical and mental health had hit rock bottom.

That's when she decided to book a Breakthrough Call with me.

And on that call something fell into place for Suzanne.

She finally discovered that the solution she was looking for had NOTHING to do with the food...

And EVERYTHING to do with the State of her nervous system and the outputs it was generating.

This was Suzanne’s light bulb moment.

And at the end of our conversation, she decided that enough was enough.

=> Enough feeling depressed about her eating and her weight.
=> Enough spending money on junk food and B.S. solutions.
=> Enough destroying her gut.
=> Enough hating herself.
=> Enough bullying herself.
=> Enough of missing out on opportunities.
=> Enough wasting her life.

She decided to invest in rewiring her nervous system so that she could reclaim her power over food and get her life and body back.

And now, Suzanne has the trifecta... food freedom, body freedom, and weight freedom.

*** Her binges have completely resolved.
*** She eats whatever she wants in moderation, guilt free.
*** She knows how to listen to her body.
*** She knows how to process emotions.
*** She feels calm, confident, connected and courageous.
*** Her gut is healing.
*** She has the ultimate peace of mind: a brain that isn't consumed with thoughts about food and weight.
*** And she is finally off the diet rollercoaster for good.

So if you're reading this and feel like you are too far gone to do this work, I urge you to click on Suzanne's chat with me, get inspired by her healing journey, and then go book a call with me.

I get it - the results we get are so damned incredible, that sometimes I even have a hard time believing it.

But it’s REAL.

All of it.

And the first step toward creating these kinds of life-changing results for yourself is booking that call from the link below.

That's exactly what Suzanne did... and it TRANSFORMED her life.

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About Martin Flood

Martin Flood
Martin Flood
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM

Martin Flood is a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Breakfree Nutrition. He specialises in the psychology, the neuroscience and the practical everyday realities of overcoming challenges with food and weight.
Using a transformative brain training approach, he helps high achievers, executives, professionals, business owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs all over the globe, heal their disordered habits around food so they can reclaim their health and sanity and enjoy the energy, freedom and confidence to perform at their best and do more with their lives.  
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