How Vanessa Stopped Binging on Bread and Jam

I want to tell you about my client Vanessa.

Even better... go watch her AMAZING food-freedom story above.

See, Vanessa used to binge on nuts, raisins, bread and jam - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The binge urges were unrelenting, completely controlling, and making her life miserable.

And the constant overeating was disrupting her sleep and causing weight gain, severe daytime fatigue, and debilitating depression.

"Can you please help me?" - she asked.

Now, when we first spoke, it felt like she had lost her sense of Self. She was very hard on herself and overwhelmed with a deep sense of hopelessness and self-hatred.

Vanessa had been though the emotional roller coaster of countless diets and weight loss programs only to believe she was broken.

But she did at least realise one critical thing: that she couldn’t keep going on like this. She had to find a way to rewire her brain - in order to have the freedom, peace and ease she so desperately wanted.

So she took a leap of faith and started working with me.

And that was the moment EVERYTHING changed for Vanessa.

She immediately immersed herself in the training and accessed every ounce of support and coaching that was on offer.

And by showing her how to target her mis-firing neural pathways, we achieved 3 beautiful things...

1. We shifted her nervous system from a perpetual state of fear and anxiety to one where it could feel a genuine sense of calm and emotional resilience.

2. We shifted her sabotaging, self-critical, and "all-or-nothing" mind chatter to be more supportive compassionate and flexible.

3. We rewired her brain's obsessive and compulsive relationship with food, so she could experience true satisfaction, trust and peace with her eating instead.

Within a few months, she went from being sick and tired of struggling in food prison…to finally having RECLAIMED complete power over her eating and her life.

Today Vanessa is more peaceful, confident and productive than ever.

And here’s the thing - if she can rewire her relationship with food, body and Self... so can YOU.

It just takes a deep desire to want to change AND a leap of faith to reach out for the support you genuinely need.

We only get one shot at this precious life.

So, let's not spend decades in a sea of anxiety, shame and misery with food.

No one needs to exist like that. No one.

There is a way out.

You're absolutely worth it.

And if not now, when?

So, book a call from the button below (yes, there's no cost or obligation) and let’s find out EXACTLY what you personally need to rewire your relationship with food and create a life with way more peace and ease.

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About Martin Flood

Martin Flood
Martin Flood
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM

Martin Flood is a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Breakfree Nutrition. He specialises in the psychology, the neuroscience and the practical everyday realities of overcoming challenges with food and weight.
Using a transformative brain training approach, he helps high achievers, executives, professionals, business owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs all over the globe, heal their disordered habits around food so they can reclaim their health and sanity and enjoy the energy, freedom and confidence to perform at their best and do more with their lives.  
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