Tenielle’s Food Freedom Transformation

How Tenielle changed her relationship to food, body and Self

My client Tenielle has something to share with you.

Now, Tenielle was an awesome fitness trainer who went above and beyond for her clients.

But behind the scenes, there was something very destructive going on that she didn't want anyone to know about.

She was binge eating.

Despite the fact that she was a "positive" person, the constant tiredness, brain fog, gut problems and anxiety were taking their toll and causing her to lose confidence and hope.

At work, she felt like a fraud because clients would look to her for nutritional advice.

She felt ashamed that she knew exactly what to do and how to eat… but lacked the capacity to actually implement her own advice.

That's when she reached out to me.

And when we first spoke, it felt like she had lost her sense of Self.

She was overwhelmed with negative judgment and self loathing, and didn’t know how to get out of the food hell hole she was in.

But she immersed herself in the Food Freedom Brain Training process and together we were able to shift her entire relationship to food, body, and Self.

How did she do it?

Well, in this candid conversation, Tenielle shares how she went from being completely lost and hopeless to creating a sense of freedom, peace and ease with food and body.

(HINT: We didn't focus on the food. Instead, we re-trained her brain and internal pathways that were creating all the urges and cravings to overeat).

So now, Tenielle has her life back... and YOU can too.

Because the exact same process she used is there for you as well.

So, if you've been feeling out of control with food, and find yourself overeating, binge eating, obsessing about what you can and can't eat, then it's time to reach out for some GENUINE (and professional) support.

Book a call from the button below and let’s see how fast I can help you break out of your own private food hell.

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About Martin Flood

Martin Flood
Martin Flood
BPharm GradDipClinSc (Lifestyle Med) FASLM

Martin Flood is a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Breakfree Nutrition. He specialises in the psychology, the neuroscience and the practical everyday realities of overcoming challenges with food and weight.
Using a transformative brain training approach, he helps high achievers, executives, professionals, business owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs all over the globe, heal their disordered habits around food so they can reclaim their health and sanity and enjoy the energy, freedom and confidence to perform at their best and do more with their lives.  
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