Rosie’s Food Freedom Transformation

How we ended a lifelong battle with food in weeks

Rosie is a kind-hearted, lovable, hard-working, 58 year old woman…

...who battled for decades with out of control eating.

She did her best to hide it, but the extra weight and the mental struggle and brain fog was making Rosie feel exhausted, hopeless, and ashamed.

And the impact it was having on her health was seriously scary.

When Rosie and I first spoke, the desperation and shame in her voice brought her to tears.

BUT... she was at least willing to allow me to carry the belief in her until she was willing to hold that belief and worthiness herself.

This was Rosie’s light bulb moment.

She finally realised she wasn't broken.

And could now see that ending the war with food was never going to come from eating less, quitting sugar, following meal plans, or using more willpower.

Instead, it was about learning a set of skills that actually rewired the overeating patterns at their source.
The very patterns her nervous system decided to put on auto-pilot from when she was a kid.

So Rosie and I created and implemented a winning game plan that rebuilt her relationship with food from the inside out.

***BTW, we didn't need to revisit past traumas or childhood experiences to do it.***

And today her life is completely different... and no words can possibly do it justice.

So please watch Rosie's remarkable story and see for yourself what's possible.

***Don't miss the part where she shares the #1 thing she did that made her transformation even possible.***

But I'll admit, when she came to work with me, she still had her doubts.

At first, she thought that 100% food freedom wasn't realistic as bingeing was so ingrained in her life.

She was just hoping for a little improvement.

But we completely transformed her belief of what was possible for her... and within a matter of weeks she was done with binge eating.

The forever kinda done.

She also found an unexpected peace with ALL food.
(Because what I do is the real deal. Lasting transformation. No band-aids or fake solutions).

The TRUTH is, if you have a burning desire to stop the food obsession and be able to walk away from ANY food that doesn’t serve you…and finally have your mental space back…then we can give you a step-by-step plan to make it happen.

Book a call and let’s talk.

We’ll get on the phone for about 75 minutes and we’ll do a deep dive into your relationship with food.

We’ll get clear on...

  1. The exact thing that you’re struggling with most when it comes to food;
  2. The pieces your missing and the blind-spots you're just not seeing;
  3. And the EXACT next steps you need to take to permanently end binge/emotional overeating.

Look, I know this can feel like too good to be true.

You might be thinking... ”I’ve already tried everything…how do I know this will actually work?

Well, I have good news...

Ending binge eating and breaking the overeating habit can happen faster than you can imagine…and once it does, you can quickly set your sights on finally going after your bigger dreams and goals.

Just like Rosie is doing.

***In fact, you won't believe what's she's now doing with her newfound energy, confidence and self-belief.
It completely blew me away too. She reveals it all about 26 minutes into the video.***

And all the same success and freedom is there for you as well... if you're ready to claim it.

You just need a battle-tested process, and the support to make it happen.

Let me help you.

Book a call here and let’s see how fast we can help you break out of food prison and finally get your life back.

Talk soon!

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Martin Flood
Martin Flood
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Martin Flood is a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and the founder of Breakfree Nutrition. He specialises in the psychology, the neuroscience and the practical everyday realities of overcoming challenges with food and weight.
Using a transformative brain training approach, he helps high achievers, executives, professionals, business owners, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs all over the globe, heal their disordered habits around food so they can reclaim their health and sanity and enjoy the energy, freedom and confidence to perform at their best and do more with their lives.  
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