How to Fix a Broken Diet The 4 Step Game Plan to Rewire Your Hungry Brain, End Overeating and Reclaim Your Power Over Food

When you've been controlled by food for as long as I have, I never thought it was possible to get back in charge of my choices, my health, and my life. But that's exactly what Martin has shown me how to do.
Client Anna
Adelaide, Australia

In this Free Training You Will Learn...

  • The 4 step game plan you need to resolve your eating challenges once and for all...
    even when you're stuck in a cycle of failure and frustration

  • Why most people continue to struggle... and how you can avoid making the same mistakes

  • How to rewire the 3 brain-based neural networks that are preventing you from being consistent with healthy choices

  • The single most important shift that makes all the difference between success and failure

  • The key to getting back in charge of your own sabotaging head chatter that constantly leads you off track

  • How to heal your relationship with food using a proven evidence-based brain-training approach

Martin Flood

Presented by
Martin Flood

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
Founder, Breakfree Nutrition 

Let me take you behind the scenes in my Lifestyle Medicine practice and show you the exact same 4 step process used by every one of my struggling clients to get themselves back in charge of their eating once and for all.

No gimmicks. No diets. No fluff.