A Taste of Freedom

A 2-hour Training to Learn and EXPERIENCE the #1 Rewiring Routine You Need to End Binge and Compulsive Eating

A Taste of Freedom

A 2-hour Training to Learn and EXPERIENCE the #1 Rewiring Routine You Need to End Binge and Compulsive Eating

The Details

WHAT:A Taste of Freedom: Letting Go of Compulsive Overeating
(2 hour Master Class)
WHY:To experience the most important practical tool and routine to REWIRE compulsive bingy urges to overeat
WHEN:Right now! Register and receive instant & lifetime access
BRING:Your worst binge/trigger food to the training (so we can guide you through what to do)

This Is For You If...

  • You're fed up with feeling bingy and out of control with food

  • You want to experience more peace, ease and trust with your eating

  • You know that shifting this can’t wait any longer - the old way of existing, struggling and fighting yourself has run its course

  • You're ready to actually do some genuine neural pathway REWIRING, because you realise the solution requires a deeper brain-based approach

  • You're willing to invest a little time (2 hours) and money ($77) into your own transformation because you know you're worth it and you're determined to find a solution so you can live your best life

  • You'd like to "test the waters" first before committing (more time and $) to a more intensive rewiring process

Have You Binged This Week?

If so, no judgment. No shame.

But did you start this year with the hope that this'd be the year you finally got back in control of your overeating?

Well, here’s what we know to be true...

If any part of your healthy eating "plan" relies upon your willpower, discipline or self-control to stick to it, it's NEVER going to work over the long term.

In fact, trying to exert more willpower will just make binge and compulsive eating WORSE, not better.

I mean, we all know people who can just eat a small portion of something (chips, chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, bread, pizza...) and feel totally satisfied, right?

How do they do that?

Are they using their willpower and self-control?


The reason they can naturally (and easily) stop eating at SATISFIED (and then forget about food altogether until the next meal) is because their brain isn't sending them a COMPULSIVE urge to KEEP eating...

Or to KEEP obsessing about food.

See, it's impossible to keep fighting compulsive urges with willpower.

Your willpower will always run our faster that your brain's "wired-in" compulsions.

And that's why, for the first time ever, we're releasing this BRAND NEW training...

That will show you EXACTLY what to do to REWIRE the pathways in your brain that are generating all these out-of-control cravings, urges and desires in the first place.

So, instead of another "food plan" (that's destined to fail), you'll walk away with a step-by-step REWIRING plan instead.

And this REWIRING plan isn't just a bunch of useless theory.

During the Master Class we will actually DEMONSTRATE and GUIDE you through the #1 practical REWIRING tool, routine and practice you can use to free yourself from your brain's compulsive bingy urges...

So you can get a true EXPERIENCE of what food freedom actually FEELS like...

So you can feel a SHIFT away from bingy compulsiveness and towards more peace, trust and calm with food.

And so you can start practicing this powerful routine yourself, as often as you like, the moment the training is over.

Before now, only our private clients had access to this type of intensive training.

But if you'd also like to learn and experience the #1 most powerful REWIRING routine to end binge and compulsive eating for good, then you're invited to join me and my Food Freedom coaching partner Anita, in a 2-hour Master Class where we'll guide you through it.

And yes, you'll need to bring a food item you typically binge or feel out of control with, so we can actually show you what to do and how to practice to activate your brain's remarkable REWIRING capacity.

Your Hosts and Trainers

Martin Flood

Martin Flood

BPharm. GradDipLifestyleMed.

Martin is a registered Pharmacist, certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, and sought after Neuro-somatic Coach. In 2012, he opened the Breakfree Nutrition clinic and developed the Food Freedom Brain Training (FFBT) framework for ending binge and compulsive eating.

By bringing together evidence-based practices from the psychology of eating, the somatics of nervous system regulation, and the neuroscience of changing firmly ingrained habits, FFBT is a deeply transformative and personalised process that retrains the brain and body from the inside-out.

His broad experience and training, unique skill set, and compassionate, yet refreshingly direct approach, enables his clients to actively rewire the brain pathways responsible for their out-of-control food urges, compulsions and obsessions... so they can finally shed the chains of their private, shame-filled food prison and step into a life filled with genuine joy, connection, and opportunity.

Anita Hosie

Anita Hosie


Anita is a qualified Counsellor and Nurse and has a background working in nutrition & environmental medicine clinics and addiction & rehabilitation centres.

Anita has personally experienced life in the trenches, navigating her own debilitating and isolating health challenges, including a tormenting 7 year struggle with an eating disorder and additional digestive, immune and nervous system dysregulations.

But by viewing her struggles as opportunities to heal on a deeper level, and by embracing the skills of neuroplasticity, she has and continues to incrementally heal from the inside out.

Today, she is deply passionate about paying it forward and assisting you to find your own unique path to freedom with food, body and Self.

Freedom Stories

If you would like to learn the #1 REWIRING routine all these wonderful ladies used to end their debilitating food urges and compulsions... register for the training below

Is Food Robbing You of Your Peace and Sanity?

  • Constantly thinking about food

  • Out of control cravings, urges and compulsions

  • Stuck in the binge-restrict-binge cycle

  • Trying hard not to keep trigger foods in the house

  • Sneaking food and hiding the evidence

  • Afraid of holidays and eating out

  • Tried every diet - but always give up

  • Tried mindful eating - but failed badly

  • Tried counselling - but still binging

You know there must be a better way...

Well, there is!

And it starts by learning a simple yet powerful routine that can SHIFT your brain's "wired-in" compulsive and fear-based reaction to food.

The process is called self-directed neuroplasticity... and it will TRANSFORM your eating from the inside out.

If you'd like to learn EXACTLY what these REWIRING routines and practices are, and how to use them, then here's your chance...

Watch the Training Now

5 Steps to Rewire Urges to Binge & Overeat

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Watch the Training Now...

and get the 5 steps to end binge & emotional eating for good

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