About Martin Flood

" Your life is simply too precious to spend it struggling with issues around food, body and weight "

As an Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner I help men and women just like you repair their dysfunctional metabolisms and heal their disordered habits around food...

so they can reclaim their health (and sanity);

so they can get back in charge of their eating and weight;
and so they can finally have the energy, fitness and confidence to do more with their lives.

Martin Flood

This Is My Gig

In life, there are only a handful of things I'm good at. And a ton of things I'm not.

But coaching people through change, helping them overcome their greatest challenges with food, body and weight, and showing them how to become better and healthier versions of themselves is what I do best.

It's my thing. It's what I live for. It's what I love. It's what makes me a better person.

But for me to be able to give my best, I choose to work privately and one-to-one with only 15 people at a time.

It's the only way I can maintain such a high level of support, develop customised solutions, and create a transformational relationship with each and every client.

Qualifications & Training


Graduate Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine
(Southern Cross University)

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
(Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine)

Bachelor of Pharmacy
(University of South Australia)

Graduate Certificate in Wellness
(Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Health Coach Training
(Health Change Australia)

Wellness Coach Training
(National Wellness Institute; University of Wisconsin)

Certified Fitgenes Nutrigenomics Practitioner

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Training
(Psychological Flexibility - Russ Harris)

Member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Martin at Everest Base Camp
When I'm not with my clients, you'll find me somewhere outdoors either hiking a trail, climbing a mountain, or kicking back, savouring a glass of red, with some good folk around a campfire

I work with people who are fed up with wasting their time and energy on stuff that doesn't work and who are now ready to step up and do things very differently.

My clients have failed enough times already. So I owe it to them to get to the root causes of what's REALLY going on. From there, it's all about finding REAL solutions, so they can finally get off the long and lonely road of guilt, shame and overwhelm and on to a clearer path towards better health, a better body and a better life.

My Story

I’m Martin Flood, a pharmacist turned Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner. And through the Integrative Lifestyle Approach, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women change their food stories, reclaim their health and get back in charge of their bodies. But before I could advise, coach and support others, I needed to heal my very own disordered relationship with food.

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Informed By Science  |  Driven By Passion

My Very Personal Struggle With Food and Fat

The ONE Thing I DIDN'T Need...And Neither Do You

Think Different. Do Different. Be Different

A Transformational Approach

Professional Timeline

Informed By Science | Driven By Passion

After 18 years as a pharmacist my passion shifted from drug-based therapies to empowering people to take responsibility for their own health. Ultimately this led me back to university and into an entirely different career as an Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.

More specifically my focus changed to showing those suffering from disordered eating, overweight, or obesity, exactly how they could permanently drop their struggles with food and weight, so they could get on with living healthy, rich, full and meaningful lives.

Unfortunately, the current medical model is still way too focused on treating people after they've fallen sick or have gone on to develop diabetes, heart disease or some other crippling illness. But these things are entirely preventable.

And I've personally experienced the huge benefits in both health and quality of life that come from re-engineering your lifestyle... and this is now what I strive to help others achieve.

I've spent many years researching and evaluating all the evidence out there on what lifestyle-based interventions really work for overcoming challenges with food and weight.

But, more importantly, I've distilled and transformed all this scientific evidence so it can be practically and successfully applied in the real world with real people to change real lives.

The process I now take my clients through is really the culmination and refinement of all this research and experience.

I’ve now personally coached several hundred clients with food, body, and/or weight related issues. And after witnessing so many people benefit from the wisdom of this Integrative Lifestyle Approach, and break free from long lasting eating and health challenges, I've discovered there are 4 critical success strategies that stand out above all others.

In fact, these strategies are so fundamental, they underpin the entire Breakfree approach and represent the very core of how I work with every client.

You can discover more about the 4 Key Success Strategies here.

Discover the 4 Key Strategies Critical for Getting Back In Charge of Your Eating and Your Weight

My Very Personal Struggle With Food and Fat

My passion for lifestyle change really stemmed from my own personal struggles with sugar and processed foods.

You see, my pharmacy was located right next door to a bakery. But not just any bakery. It was the kind of bakery people would drive across town to visit.

And every morning I was greeted with the overwhelmingly pleasant aroma of freshly baked goodies. It would just permeate through the shared ceiling space.

And it wasn't long before I was in the habit of grabbing a meat pie and croissant for breakfast.

But it didn't stop there...

When 11 am came around it was time for a bite of morning tea. And anything was fair game - custard slices, cream buns, biscuits, donuts, or cake.

Then, of course there was lunch and yet another opportunity to indulge in whatever took my fancy.

And to top it all off, at the end of the day, Peter (the baker) would walk in to the pharmacy with an assortment of delights from whatever was left over from the day's trading. How thoughtful and generous!!!

And how could I refuse? Because now I had something sweet and delicious for after dinner as well.

Good times!

Of course, I knew this style of eating was completely unhealthy. I'm a health professional after all!

But somehow I felt completely powerless to stop it.

It was easy. Convenient. Quick. And so damn yummy. My taste buds were hooked.

But it in March 2006 something rocked my world.

During a routine visit to my optometrist for a new pair of glasses, he noticed cholesterol deposits had started forming around my cornea.

I didn't even know that was possible. It wasn't something I had ever heard of. Arcus senilis was the official diagnosis. Apparently it can occur in old age. But I wasn't even 37.

The fear was that it could be an indication of much more serious atherosclerosis (blocked arteries) happening elsewhere in the body.

So off I went for more tests and scans. Although nothing sinister was found, I did discover something else quite shocking.

My body composition was a whopping 28% fat. Way too high for a guy of my age.

My steady diet of Coke, meat pies, hot-dogs, cream buns, vanilla slices, cakes, biscuits, and ice-cream was taking its toll.

Clearly something had to change. My disordered eating habits had to go.

It wasn't easy.

But within 18 months, and thanks to a changed mindset, a healthier relationship with food, a rebooted metabolism, and a number of very significant and strategic lifestyle adjustments (without ever dieting, counting calories, or using medication), I was able to reduce my body fat level to a very respectable 16%; something which I still maintain to this day.

And it was during these 18 months, I learned first hand just how difficult getting fit and healthy and changing lifestyle habits can be.

But more importantly, I learned that it's definitely not impossible.

In fact, it's VERY achievable. When you know how.

And now I get to witness it happen everyday with my clients thanks to the direction and accountability that comes with the Integrative Lifestyle Approach.

The ONE Thing I DIDN'T Need....And Neither Do You

The first key thing I realised during my own personal journey was that when it comes to healthy eating, most of us don't need more information. A lack of information isn’t the issue. In fact, information overload (and confusion) is actually part of the problem.

When it comes to making healthy choices, most of us know what we should be doing. I certainly did.

But there remains a huge gap between the knowing and the doing.

Despite our good intentions we continue to struggle.

Why is it so hard to stick with healthy eating and lifestyle habits?

Why don't we do what we know we should?

And why, even after making a change, do we constantly slip up and go back to our old ways?

These were the precise questions that led me back to university and into an entirely different career as a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.

And since starting Breakfree Nutrition, I now spend most of my time working 1:1 with clients all around the globe who are struggling to answer these exact same questions for themselves.

Think Different. Do Different. Be Different

Unfortunately, when it comes to nutrition, exercise, weight loss, and lifestyle advice, there's so much conflicting information floating around.

These days, it seems anyone can publish a book, set up a blog, or create a diet program regardless of their qualifications and expertise.

And many of my clients, at one time or another, have followed the advice found in these books, websites, and programs only to find these approaches are either full of fluff and not practically useful; or too extreme and can't possibly be sustained over the long term.

And when you really take a closer look at what they're actually offering, it's very clear that none of them follow any of the 4 Key Success Strategies absolutely essential for getting back in charge of your eating and maintaining your most healthy weight.

So when it comes to solving your food and weight-related struggles, it's time to do things differently. Very differently.

And that's precisely what the Breakfree Integrative Lifestyle Approach is all about - offering you an alternative path, when all else has failed.

A Transformational Approach

In essence, I've created a platform and coaching process that is available to anyone who seriously needs an entirely new and transformational approach to overcoming their struggles with food, body, weight, and health.

I won't simply give you information, tell you what to do, and then send you on your way. And I'll never give you a bunch of rules or pre-prepared meal plans to follow either.

That's what others do....and it's a complete waste of time (and money).

Instead, I'll show you exactly how to change.

I'll give you the skills and the support so you can successfully transition to a new way of eating and living that's realistic and sustainable within the context of your very own hectic and unique life.

My signature program, Food and Weight Freedom, (actually it's more of a process than a program) is based around the 4 Key Success Strategies mentioned above.

It's a unique blend of tools, strategies, skills, and 1:1 support all grounded in nutritional science, lifestyle medicine, health coaching, habit-change psychology, and a good dose of personal experience.

We live in a time where so many of us are feeling confused, overwhelmed, and completely stuck when it comes to overcoming our challenges with food and weight.

Breakfree Nutrition is my way of addressing all this struggling head on.

So you can get back in charge of both your eating and your body.

And so you can reach your full potential by focusing all that wasted energy on creating a life you absolutely love.

Professional Timeline


Martin continues to lead the charge against traditional and ineffective diet programs.
His trusted and cutting-edge Breakfree Nutrition brand provides a comprehensive evidence-based Integrative Lifestyle Approach for men and women all over the globe struggling to get back in charge of their eating and weight.

2013 - Breakfree is Born

Launched the Breakfree Brand (initially as Breakfree Weight Loss).
Released Integrative Lifestyle Approach 3.0
Commenced Group Trial of Breakfree ILA 3.0

2012 - Established The Genescript Trust

Martin commenced The Genescript Trust to investigate the relationship between obesity and genetics.

The Trust continues to provide genetic screening services for individuals looking to offset the impact of any genes contributing to their struggles with weight.

Released Integrative Lifestyle Approach 2.0

2011 - Certification

Completed Nutrigenomics Certification.
Completed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Training.

2010 - Private Coaching Practice

Commenced working with overweight, obese and diabetic individuals in his private health coaching practice.

Developed very first iteration of the Integrative Lifestyle Approach (ILA).

2010 - Lifestyle Medicine Degree

Completed university degrees in both Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness.
Further training in Health Coaching both in Australia and United States.

1994 - Community Pharmacy Practice

Opened MB Flood Pharmacy - an independent community  pharmacy servicing the southern beach side suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

1991 - Pharmacy Qualification

Completed Bachelor of Pharmacy degree at the University of South Australia.
Commenced work at Flinders Medical Centre Pharmacy Department, Adelaide.